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   Hi All! We are small family company from Vietnam, focused on production of high quality resin figures. Every figure that we provide is unique and the mastercopy was sclupt with Jan Leo in the old facion way with hours of sclupting work.

   The shipping rates are as follows and include postal shipping + the cost of the secure package:

   For orders up to 15 USD - 5 USD shipping charge. 

   For orders from 15 USD up to 30 USD - 7 USD shipping charge.

   For orders from 40 USD up to 45 USD - 9 USD shpping charge. 

   For orders from 45 USD up to 150.00 USD - 15 USD shipping charge. 

   FREE SHIPPING for every order over 150 USD, or for special promotion items / when listed in the description with special label FREE SHIPPING ITEM /.

  Note: Promotional items must be ordered separetly in order to have the FREE SHIPPING.

   We ship worldwide with airmail by Vietnam Post. We accept only PayPal as payment method. You recieve tracking number and secure packaging of your orders. As our moto is focused not only to the great quality of our figures, but to the positive feeling that they and our services left in our customers we will be glad if you choose our miniatures.


Jan & Lucy